Freeway Clyde releases “Music from the Motion Picture, ‘Sept Etoiles’”

“In 2020 Freeway Clyde were approached by indie French videographer Claude Louche to soundtrack his remake of the underground 1970 classic “Sept Etoile” (Seven Stars). Impossible to find and long remaindered to cinema-graphic lore, the film (originally scored by Brazilian legend Carlo N’biza) is remembered for it’s singular, graphic depiction of love, lust and struggle in 1940’s Algeria.

The band spent four months set up in a decrepit villa outside of Porto. With nothing more than a crude video projector, staff paper and borrowed instruments they meticulously crafted a new score to the iconic avant-garde/realist masterpiece. It was hardly a smooth affair. Creative differences, tensions over drug use and messy love affairs with the locals led to sometimes contentious sessions. The band soldiered on, determined to rise to the occasion – to carefully compose a soundtrack that met and transcended the original. Every sound carefully notated, every dynamic carefully written, the music is a depiction of meticulous intent.

Louche was arrested on smuggling charges and his film was never completed. Freeway Clyde’s panorama is all that remains of the erstwhile collaboration, heard here for the first time in splendid stereo sound.”

Freeway Clyde is:
Michael Chorney – electric guitar, compositions
Jeremy Fredrick – drums
Taylor Haskins – evi, trumpet
Will Andrews – trumpet, samples, synthesizer
Matt LaRocca – viola
Zack Dupont – electric guitar
Pat Ormiston – electric bass

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ben Collette at Tank Recording Studio, Burlington, VT
Produced by Michael Chorney
Recorded live in the room, no overdubs, no headphones

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