Recording + Playback


Trident Series 65 with 24 mic/line inputs w/4 band parametric EQ, 16 tape returns (8 w/ 3-band parametric EQ), 8 Buss, 4 Aux Send/Returns, total of 44 inputs on mixdown.

"Super Analogue" mod. By Bob Alach in 2009

API Mix buss mod (with real API 2520 opamps) by Westinghouse Labs 2018

TT patchbay with Mogami patch cables

Analog Recorders

Ampex ATR-102 1/4" 2 Track Recorder

MCI JH110A 1/4" 2 Track Recorder

MCI JH16 2" 16 Track Recorder with Autolocator III remote and quickpunch transport from JH24

Tascam 122mkII Cassette player/recorder

Dolby 363 SR/A Noise Reduction (4 channels)

Digital Recorders

JoeCo BlackBox 24-track Digital Recorder

Tascam DA-78 DTRS 8-track recorder

Edirol R44 4-track portable recorder

Sony PCM-R500 2-track DAT recorder

HHB CDR-850 2-track CD recorder

Digital Audio Workstations

Pro Tools Ultimate on a 2019 Mac mini with 3Ghz 6-Core Processor and 64GB RAM in Studio A & B

Apogee Symphony MK2 + Avid HDIO Studio A (48 I/o)

Universal Audio Apollo 16 (2) in Studio B (32 I/o)

Additional DAW software by Apple Logic and Abelton Live; Plug-ins by Universal Audio, Izotope, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Waves, etc.

SSL UF8, Artist Mix 8-Channel Fader Controllers


Dynaudio B15A monitors in Studio A

Yamaha NS10M Monitors w/Bryston 4B amplifier in Studio A

Fostex 6301B monitors in Studio A

Dynaudio BM6A monitors in Studio B

Genelec 8010A monitors in Studio B

Grace M905 Monitor controller in Studio A

Grace M904 Monitor controller in Studio A

Sony Boom Box (a.k.a The Vibecrusher)

Aviom A16 personal cue-mixers with Sony MD7509 headphones

Instruments + Gear