As Vermont begins to slowly reopen following the Covid-19 quarantine and restrictions on businesses are lifted, we are cautiously reopening the studio to in-person work with clients. Below are precautions we are taking to keep our engineers and clients safe and healthy during these unprecedented times:

All clients must be COVID symptom-free for a minimum of 14 days before entering the studio. Clients traveling from outside of Vermont must adhere to the recommended 14 day quarantine before arriving at the studio for session work. As of right now (6/1/20), we are limiting the number of clients to ten (10) at a time throughout the studio. However, some rooms may only accommodate 1-4 people.

Studio Entry
We offer two points of entry; the main entrance (front door) and side entrance (loading dock). Clients may use whichever entry point they prefer. The loading dock entry allows direct access to the second floor recording studio. If notified before arrival on preference of entry access point, our engineers will use the alternate entrance.

All high contact surfaces are sanitized with disinfectant throughout the day, included but not limited to door handles, countertops and all bathroom surfaces. Hand sanitizer is available for client use at all entrances/exits to the building, common areas and each studio. Both the kitchen and bathroom sinks are available to clients and we encourage frequent and thorough hand washing. Microphones, mic stands and cables are also sanitized before/after each use. During this time we ask that clients do not attempt to adjust/move microphones or stands. Engineers will be the only ones to handle studio equipment. We ask that clients handle all of their own equipment.

Social Distancing
We ask and encourage all engineers and clients to practice safe social distancing. This means keeping a six foot radius between everyone if in the same room. Our expansive three thousand square foot studio inherently allows this to happen quite easily. Our “Live Room” is over a thousand square feet and can accommodate over a dozen musicians in that room alone while maintaining safe social distance.

We are requiring all engineers and clients to wear a cloth face covering or other type of protective mask. Clients who need to sing and cannot wear a mask to do so will be asked to sing in our isolated vocal booth, which features fresh air circulation (see below) to limit the potential of airborne virus particles. These clients are still required to wear a face mask when not performing in the vocal booth.

Indoor Environmental Air Quality
Each studio control room, isolation room and the live room feature CDC recommended air handling units that not only heat/cool the spaces but also consistently cycle fresh air throughout each space. Fresh air circulating HVAC systems greatly reduce the potential of airborne virus particles and increase the indoor air quality. (

Remote Sessions
We offer remote session services for recording, mixing and/or mastering to clients that either cannot attend in person or are not comfortable doing so due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Modern technology makes remote sessions not only possible but quite seamless and at the same high quality as in person sessions. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to do a session but can’t attend in person.

We will update these protocols as safety guidelines are amended going forward.
We are committed to providing a safe space to work and create your music.
Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Stay safe and healthy.
We hope to see you for a session soon.