Gogol Bordello’s New album “Solidaritine” recorded here at TRS out now!


Our good friend and longtime client Eugene Hutz brought his self proclaimed “gypsy-punk” band Gogol Bordello to Tank Recording last year to record the group’s eighth studio album. Co-produced by Walter Schreifels, the thirteen song album, “Solidaritine,” was recorded at Tank Recording Studio and subsequently mixed at Rift Studios by Tom Gardner. The album delivers furious punk songs with a distinct Eastern European touch, while the band remains veracious, creative, and honest in their approach.

Consequence of Sound says, “The 13 tracks of SOLIDARITINE pull no punches. Taking swings at injustice, intolerance, and crypto bros, the album is rooted in classic punk tradition: say what you mean and say it loud. With a Fugazi cover, Social Distortion references, and an appearance from H.R. of Bad Brains, Gogol Bordello’s mission is well-studied and seemingly endorsed by icons of the genre.”

“Songwriting is a sacred craft and punk is a great place for it,” frontman Eugene Hütz tells Consequence. “For me, punk rock was always about that Woody Guthrie-ness: All you fascists are bound to lose! And also about that Fugazi-ness: never mind what’s been sellin’, it’s what you buying.”

Yet, an undeniable streak of empathy runs through the project. Gogol Bordello expands on their rage with a plea — or perhaps more accurately, a demand — to love thy neighbor. The namesake for the album comes from an imaginary chemical that “unlocks our empathy and our full human potential.”

“[It’s] supposed to unite us in overcoming our common problems,” Hütz explains. “It’s kind of a brother of Adrenaline, or at least it rhymes with it. So, shots of Solidaritine for everyone in Gogol house and let’s go!”