Luke Smith, best known as the drummer for the standout Burlington-based folk-rock band Strangefolk, steps out as a singer-songwriter in his own right on his solo debut album as Supraluke with “Songs For The Great Blue Heron.”

Produced, Engineered and Mixed here at TRS by Ben Collette, The Rutland Herald calls it “sonically impressive, delivering a warm, vintage vibe that incorporates layered instrumentation and sound effects.”

SupraLuke’s record of original folk songs draws from the natural beauty of New England and sees the drummer also perform on acoustic guitar, bass and vocals. The multi-instrumentalist taught himself to play guitar during the pandemic and also became more confident as a songwriter and lead vocalist, bringing over twenty songs to the “Songs for the Great Blue Heron” recording sessions. Ultimately pared down to eleven songs, the album features a list of musical guests on guitars, bass and keys, including Jon Trafton (Strangefolk), Erik Glockler (Strangefolk), Richard James (Neighbor, Pink Talking Fish), and Kevin Gift (Wendel Patrick).

“I set out to make a good old-fashioned record, like the kind I grew up listening to in my house as a kid. My old friend Ben Collette was a true creative partner from start to finish, and I am thrilled to have help from several old and new friends on this record,” said Supraluke in a press release. “Ideally, anyone looking for that classic vinyl-based experience of putting on headphones and going on a journey with a beginning, middle and end will appreciate the psychedelic soundscapes we’ve created with Songs For The Great Blue Heron.” 

The album is available now on all streaming services.

Limited edition vinyl – pressed by our friends at Burlington Record Plant – is available at