A new six-song EP, “RAAR”, by guitarist Ari Joshua, featuring Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton from Soule Monde and the Trey Anastasio Band is out now!

In the Winter of 2020-21, in the middle of the pandemic, Ari Joshua flew into the snowy city of Burlington, Vermont to collaborate with drummer Russ Lawton, organist Ray Paczkowski, and long-time Phish Vermont recording engineer Ben Collette. The excitement sparked an intense and healthy writing spree. Ari composed and recorded about 25 compositions in all.

“The eclectic multi diverse styles I write in work best with folks that can play or understand the jazz language but also can also serve the music with a knowledge of Rock, and African music. As odd as it sounds, even in the best of times, it’s hard to find the right people to work with in this style. Ray and Russ were able to interpret my music creatively and intuitively from the first or second take, it was a real joy to watch things unfold, they also were all about getting to business, I really felt as though I was with really like minded souls. From the first note of recording I could sense that Ray and Russ were a perfect musical fit, there was a shared respect and love for the music you don’t always find out there.”

“As I climbed into an airplane with my two favorite guitars, and a checked suitcase full of audio toys, I knew it was gonna be a great adventure to travel to Burlington and track with these guys, but I had no way of knowing the level of magic and flow that would unfold.”

More gorgeous original psychedelic rock-jazz fusion tracks from the February 2021 recording sessions in Burlington, Vermont can be anticipated for intermittent release in the coming months, and a vinyl album is anticipated in 2022.

RAAR is:

Ari Joshua – guitarist and composer
Ray Paczkowski – keys
Russ Lawton – drums 

Recorded February 2021, at Tank Recording Studio, Burlington, VT
Engineered and Mixed by Ben Collette
Additional recording by Aaron Harmonson 
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian 
Artwork – Steely Works
*Guests – Chava Mirel – Voice, Jeremy Lightfoot – Bass

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