Two years ago, in October 2019, the group moe. carved out some time to record their new material at our newly renovated studio for their first album in five years. What started as a few weeks soon turned into a full month of the band recording, whittling down a list of twenty available tunes to sixteen songs across two albums. This time around, they decided to produce the record themselves, alongside owner/engineer Ben Collette. 

“I had never met Ben before,” guitarist Chuck Garvey recalls, “but we had heard about the studio. They were changing locations and I was watching them post different pictures while they were building their new studio. It just looked really interesting. Their gear list was great and after talking to Ben, it immediately felt like we would get along very well. Ben is a low-key guy, but his concentration and work ethic were just amazing. The process was easy and we’re thrilled with the results.”

That month in the studio yielded two full length albums, the first album “This is Not, We Are” features nine songs and the subsequent companion album “Not Normal” includes an additional seven songs. All of which were engineered, recorded and mixed by Ben here at Tank Recording Studio. The albums were mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering in NYC, NY.