Gogol Bordello visits Kyiv, performs songs from upcoming album at secret show for Ukrainian soldiers


In August, members of Gogol Bordello, led by Kyiv-born singer Eugene Hutz, travelled to play a secret concert for Ukrainian Soldiers fighting on the front lines of the war in Ukraine. About fifty soldiers witnessed the performance, including an outfit of elite special forces troops wearing green berets. “I really wanted to do this because it’s incredibly uplifting for fighters to see that Ukrainians around the world are one.”  Eugene told Vice News. “People of Ukraine hear a lot about worlds solidarity, but to see someone physically coming to them is when they actually believe it. Effort like that changes things tangibly.”

Eugene and Gogol Bordello have held a series of benefit concerts and released singles to raise money for non-profits like the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation of Care.org’s Ukrainian Crisis Response. 

Gogol Bordello’s eighth studio album, “Solidaritine,” and the first single “Shots of Solidaritine” are dedicated to Ukraine and their fight against the invasion of Russia. 

Watch some of the performance here:

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