“One of Vermont’s most storied and mythical bands” – Times Argus

Led by composer/trumpetist Brian Boyes, The Saturn People’s Sound Collective consists of 2 percussionists, 4 vocalists, 12 horns, vibraphone, bass, keys and guitar. the Saturn sound lies at the intersections of creative big band music, postmodern rock and a healthy dose of outer space.

“For over 10 years now I have been leading and writing music for this crew, a collection of 20 wonderful humans who also happen to be some of Vermont’s best musicians.” says Boyes,  “And it’s time for us to make an album.  But not just any album.  We decided to put on two live shows for a studio audience on Aug 18 and 19 at the hauntingly beautiful Tank Studio in Burlington, Vermont.”

With forty audience members attending the performances, listening on wireless headphones to the live studio mix, Saturn People’s Sound Collective performed two concerts that were recorded and ultimately edited and mixed to create a unique “live album”. With the help of engineer/owners Ben Collete & Rob O’Dea, assisted by Rose Durfee, Videographer Miles David Jewell and Lighting by Jason Liggett, Brian’s vision for the hybrid concert/album recording was brought to vibrant life.

Across the two nights of shows, led by composer/conductor Brian Boyes, the twenty musicians of the Saturn People’s Sound Collective explored an alchemy of timbre and long-form composition. While consistently demonstrating a unique knack of creating exciting and challenging music that isn’t a challenge to listen to.  Indeed, there is a joyful and honest accessibility to their music that carries one from the quietest and darkest corners to raucous outer space sing-alongs.

The album is available now at:

And a video of “Mundane Irony” can be seen here:



The Saturn People’s Sound Collective is:

Brian Boyes (composer, conductor, trumpet)

Dan Ryan (drums), Simon Chapin(Percussion), Johnny Rovetto(Electric Bass), Xander Naylor(Electric Guitar), Tom Cleary(Keys), Jane Boxall(Vibraphone), Jake Whitesell(Alto sax, Flute, Soprano sax), Evan Crandell(Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet), Zach Tonniseen(Tenor Sax), Dan Litak(Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Soprano Sax), Kyle Saulnier(Baritone Sax, Flute), Hilary Goldbatt(Flute, Alto Flute), Matt Avery(Trombone), Jesse Metzler(Trombone), Lloyd Duggar(Trombone, vocals), Connor Young(Trumpet), Kevin Avery(Trumpet), Brian Boyes(Trumpet), Stefanie Weigand(Vocals), Nina Sklar(Vocals), Cinitia LaLovo(Vocals), Amber DeLaurentis(Vocals). Guest vocals by Rajnii Eddins and Heloise Williams.

Audio engineered, mixed and mastered by Ben Collette at Tank Recording Studio

Video by Miles David Jewell (

Lighting by Jason Ligget (

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