The magic of live music performances in the sonic comfort of Tank Recording Studio, with a studio audience listening along on to a pristine studio mix on wireless headphones.

TRS LIVE  is an audience attended live recording session. Artists can perform a concert and record a traditional live album, or incorporate the performance for the audience as part of an ongoing album recording session – or anything in between.

TRS LIVE blends together a recording session with a live concert. However TRS is not a venue and these performances are not ticketed in the traditional sense. Audience members support the artists directly – either as an album “pre-order” or a sort of modified “house concert” – that’s between the artist and the audience. The performer/artist then provides a “guest list” to the studio for each performance. One of our staff greets them at the door, checks them in and provides a set of wireless headphones for the performance.

Many music fans have never set foot in a recording studio. So to spend some extended time in the studio listening to a high quality recording – in real time – together in the same room with the artist, is an incredible experience. Audience members from our first round of performances were gushing with enthusiasm about the experience and we believe all music fans will have a similarly epic experience.

Our first TRS LIVE sessions were with a 20-piece jazz orchestra, The Saturn People’s Sound Collective. Led by composer/trumpetist Brian Boyes, the band consists of 2 percussionists, 4 vocalists, 12 horns, vibraphone, bass, keys and guitar. With forty audience members attending the performances, listening on wireless headphones to the live studio mix, Saturn People’s Sound Collective performed concerts across two that were recorded and ultimately edited and mixed to create a unique “live album”.

Visit our blog post on that session here for photos, video and audio from the session

About The Studio

Tank Recording Studio is a three thousand square foot recording studio in the north end of Burlington, Vermont. Featuring a thousand square foot live room with 25ft cathedral ceilings, finished in hundred-year-old reclaimed VT barn board, along with two separate control rooms and multiple isolated recording spaces for both performers and amplifiers. Our collection of instruments, amplificiation and other musical noisemakers is only bested by our wide variety of both vintage and modern classic microphones and signal processors.

Production Details

Tank Recording Studio is NOT A VENUE and TRS LIVE events are not ticketed events. We are a recording studio hosting a private recording session, with a respectful audience consisting of the artists/performer’s guests.

The artist/performer is the billable client unless other arrangements are made in advance. Audience members will listen along on wireless headphones, so moving throughout the space and the building itself is completely possible. Our main “Live Room” can comfortably hold a small audience in addition to performers and production staff.